Natalie Webster: University Life: A Student and Staff Perspective

My name is Natalie, I am a third-year English Literature student and an Information Point Assistant at Careers and Employability. Being both a student and a member of staff at University of Chester gives me a truly interesting insight on different aspects of university life.

I gained my position through UniJob; how daunting it is to be interviewed by people who write guides on how to interview well! However, the team are absolutely lovely and helped me settle in straight away. My eyes have been opened to how many brilliant services that, not only Careers, but all of the support departments offer. I can’t believe that I didn’t find out about these and utilise them from the very day I stepped foot on campus. We want to shout from the rooftops that we are here to help, we are not scary or intimidating, we want you to do well. This is why, whenever my friends are ranting to me about an application/CV/interview/general what-am-I-going-to-do-with-my-life anxiety, my answer is invariably: ‘You should go to Careers!’


My student insight is also useful within the department, mostly in explaining how most students probably won’t be popping into careers on a Thursday morning, after a late Wednesday night in Rosie’s. It is also valuable to discuss what I find most interesting and most useful within the department, as Careers are always trying to improve their focus on, and interaction with students. I meet and speak with students on a daily basis, it is wonderful to see people coming in who really care about their career and are passionate about enhancing their skills and pursuing their goals. I was scared to set foot in the careers building until I worked here, so seeing so many enthusiastic, determined people has inspired me to be a better student.

So, next time you’re walking past the careers building, please come in and pick up a free CV guide, have a chat and find out about all of our brilliant services. I can’t wait to speak to you!

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