Jonathan Hay: Chester Difference Award Case Study

Here at Careers, we have a wealth of case studies that detail the amazing achievements that the students here at Chester have accomplished. This blog will now be a platform to share them! So, here is our first Chester Difference Award case study from third year English Literature student, Jonathan Hay.

Jonathan Hay

Why did you participate in the Chester Difference Award (CDA)?

As a way of gaining recognition for the extracurricular activities I already took part in at University, and as a way to motivate myself to do an even wider variety of activities in my spare time than I was already doing.

What extra-curricular activities did you engage with as a participant of the CDA?

I’ve been an Assistant Cub Scout Leader, the President of the Chester University Creative Writing Society, a Red-T volunteer, a Student Academic Representative for a number of my course’s modules, a Student helper at the Talking Bodies 2015 conference, a Peer Mentor, the Social Secretary of the University’s Ultimate Frisbee Team, and a student editor of the University’s Pandora’s Box magazine.

What employability skills did you gain as a result of participating in the CDA?

I’ve become more motivated, better organised, better at public speaking, and improved my team-working skills.

Has participating in the CDA enhanced your time at university?

Absolutely! Doing the CDA has meant that I can use my spare time productively, whilst still having the time for nights out and the like. It’s meant I’ve had to push myself further than I would have done otherwise, but the wide range of activities I’ve been involved in have made it more than worth it.

Why would you recommend the CDA to other students?

The CDA is a great program, which will challenge you to use your time at University in the best possible way – productively.


SO, I think the only thing you can possibly do now is sign up for the Chester Difference Award immediately, and perhaps write for this blog! 



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