Do YOU want to edit this blog?

Careers and Employability are looking to recruit a student to edit this brand new student-led blog. The candidate must have excellent writing and editing skills, good communication skills, previous involvement with Careers and Employability and enthusiasm for leading projects. Experience with using WordPress would be ideal. The student candidate should currently be in their first or second year. It would require a small amount of work from home over the summer and then visits into Careers and Employability to liaise with staff during the next academic year. This will be brilliant experience to put on your CV, especially for those looking at careers in writing, editing, publishing, marketing, social media or journalism. Every hour you spend on the project will also contribute toward your volunteering hours.

If you would like to show your interest in this project, we would like you to write a short piece in the style of a blog post to demonstrate your skills. You can write anything with careers based content, it should be 250-300 words in length. It can be submitted as a Word document or a PDF.

Send along your pieces, or any questions you may have, to Please address your emails to Natalie, and use the subject header ‘Student Blog Editor Application’.

Application Deadline: 21st May 2017, 8pm.


So… get applying!

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