How the Extra-Stuff Can Help Your Future Career

If you're anything like me, the task of writing a CV is never fun. Let's be honest, it's a struggle. Finding evidence enough to say 'Pick me'  and hopefully get the job you're applying for might be difficult, especially if you've only had one job (even more so if you haven't been lucky!) So why... Continue Reading →


Useful Apps

Nowadays, mobile phones offer a lot more than just phone calls and texts. Mobile apps are one of the most useful tools to have when it comes to student life. They cover a range of needs; from helping you reference an essay to keeping you safe on a night out. Now, I'm going to be... Continue Reading →

Where to Find Help at University

If you're in student accommodation whilst at Uni, the biggest challenge that you'll probably face is looking after yourself. After depending on family (no matter how little) it's largely a task you do on your own. And an exciting one! See: How to Make the Most of Life at University for just a few of the things... Continue Reading →

Your Opportunity

Calling ALL students! Your help is needed. I've been asked by the lovely Careers and Employability team here at Chester to edit their brand-new blog. And here's where you come in. *Drum roll please* The main concept of the blog is that it's written for students, by students. And why have it any other way? The C&E team want all... Continue Reading →

Careers Fest 2017!

  I’m a student at the University of Chester and all I can think about is how long I’ve put off thinking about future jobs…two years to be exact.  However, I am writing to tell you about something very, very exciting. First, a quick back story.  I am a third year Events Management student who... Continue Reading →

Elizabeth Pittaway: Accelerate The Pitch 2017

Guest blog post from Elizabeth Pittaway, second-year Events Management student who has recently undertaken an internship with Careers and Employability at the University of Chester.  I am currently a second year events management student on an 8 week internship with the university. My role is an Entrepreneurship Events Assistant. A mouthful I know. To put... Continue Reading →

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