Jonathan Hay: Chester Difference Award Case Study

Here at Careers, we have a wealth of case studies that detail the amazing achievements that the students here at Chester have accomplished. This blog will now be a platform to share them! So, here is our first Chester Difference Award case study from third year English Literature student, Jonathan Hay. Why did you participate in... Continue Reading →


Rosie Saxon: How to Make the Most Out of a Work Shadowing Visit

This guest blog post is from second year creative writing student, Rosie Saxon. Work shadowing at university can seem a bit of a waste of time when you have the opportunity to do much longer placements, like the work based learning module in your second year. However, having done two shadowing visits in the last year,... Continue Reading →


Welcome to the student-led careers blog! This will be a collection of testimonials, reviews, experiences and opinions on careers and work-related content, exclusively from University of Chester students. Hopefully this will give you an insight on what you could be doing to enhance your skills while being a student, and how Careers and Employability can... Continue Reading →

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